Field Trips 2021-22

This post will be updated as and when needed sharing our field trips for this academic year.

Stanford OHS Meetup at Jacobsburg State Park: Arjun was the official photographer for the meetup.

Mutter Museum in Philadelphia

Washington DC during Thanksgiving: We visited National Museum of American History, Georgetown University and walked around in the cold a lot.

6th Grade Science

We completed BookShark Curriculum Level G Science in November 2021 and we have started BookShark Science Curriculum Level H in January 2022. This post will be updated regularly as and when Arjun conducts Science experiments for this academic year. He will be participating in Regional Science Bee in April (fingers crossed!). He received 100% in the Online Regional Qualifying Exam for Science Bee.


Artwork by Arjun 2021-22

I will update this post as and when required with Arjun’s artwork this academic year. He does art while I read to him or else while we listen to audiobooks. He is taking art courses from Colin Bradley Art.

Start of Arjun’s 6th Grade

We have moved to Pennsylvania and are temporarily living in a pet-friendly apartment community. Boys are loving it and they have befriended many adult dog-owners. Tara (our dog) has adjusted to apartment living. We are all settled until our house is ready and are excited for this academic year (hopefully last year of homeschool for me!). We completed the homeschool formality for PA. So, we started 6th grade with Shri Saraswati Puja and are determined to have a wonderful time. Our objectives for this academic year are:



  • Complete BookShark Curriculum Level G Language Arts
  • Complete following workbooks: Easy Grammar: Plus; Wordly Wise 3000 Book 7; Daily Grams Grade 7
  • Continue weekly classes with Ms. Madeleine Porter via Zoom. They work on editing Language Arts assignments, prompts and poems completed by Arjun.


  • Complete Grade 8 list from Natural Speller.


  • Complete SaxonMath Homeschool 8/7 with Prealgebra.
  • Complete Khan Academy Online Grade 7
  • Complete Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents
  • Continue weekly classes (finish Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1) with Ms. Emily Zhang via Skype.

History / Geography

  • Complete BookShark Curriculum Level G History.
  • Complete World History Detective Ancient & Medieval Civilizations
  • Complete Bookshark World History I lapbook


  • Complete BookShark Curriculum Level G Science.


  • Continue classes at Homeschool Spanish Academy Online. Complete level 2B and start on level 3A.


  • We started with Ms. Rachel Flicker. When Rachel left for college, her mother, Ms. Jennie Flicker has been providing piano instructions. After about a week, we will transfer to Ms. Lynda Chryst for piano instructions on a weekly basis. 
  • Continue learning “bhajans” from Mrs. Archana Mayfield via Skype.


  • Participate in Blue Eagles Swim Team. This summer, he swam with Narwhals.


  • Complete 2 courses from 
    • How To Draw Dogs Vol 1 – Pug, Collie, Labrador & Terrier.
    • Drawing Nature – Flowers and Rocks Edition