It was a miracle indeed

On 7th Jan 2009, we were visiting our favorite playground at Avent Park in Oxford, MS. We were having fun when all of a sudden my 2 year old fell down on his face from a height of about 4 – 5 feet.

He looked really bad and we rushed to Tupelo ER (about 45 minutes away). My husband is a physician and he preferred Tupelo ER to Oxford ER. In the car, my son fell asleep and we just kept giving him bandhan. When we reached the parking lot of the Tupelo ER, my son woke up and he could speak properly, walk properly. He looked absolutely fine. We watched him closely and he was absolutely fine without any scratch. All we want to say is: Thank You, Shri Mataji.

3 thoughts on “It was a miracle indeed”

  1. Shruti,

    JAI! jai! jai! Shri Mataji!

    We are truly blessed to have the protection of our holy Mother.

    Rama (Sonja)

  2. Do they perform an x-ray? Because there some cases that after a head injury he is ok but after few days… loss consciousness.. due to brain hemorrhage.

  3. jai shree mata ji sister,

    i m from India. i read the miracle happen with you. i really joy full for me to read this. i really very happy to find such a sahaj yogini sister. sister , i really appricate you work on this site for sahaj.
    i know this one is a true miracle. there is no doubt on this. when i read this miracle happen with you i really fell lots of vibrations in my whole body.

    sister plz send me some PPT of sahaj yoga on my email address. something whch i present in my class and make my classmates aware about that. they always ask me to tell something more about mediation i practice.

    i wish that i meet my sister in some sahaj program. may mother bless you and give you their love.

    Jai shree mata ji.

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