Abraham Lincoln: A Biography

It took me a long time to finish this book, Abraham Lincoln: A Biography by Benjamin P. Thomas. I am so glad that I finally know a little bit about the Great President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

Shri Mataji has always praised him as he was a realized soul. So, I was very curious about his life. He seems to be a very average person with a humble beginning. He was self educated, a great speaker, ambitious and a hard worker.

It seems like God chose him to be the President. And, when he sat in the throne as a President, it seems to me that he actually evolved as a compassionate human being with trust in people and in God. Emancipation Proclamation seems to be a vision that was directed by the great Power above us as even he couldn’t have imagined that this would put America in the path of Greatness. It is inspiring how he could be detached and devoid of any ego whatsoever. He chose people in high posts if they were good neglecting the fact that they were against him. By being so detached and forgiving, he won many hearts of so-called enemies. That’s impressive.

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