InfidelInfidelInfidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali forced me to contemplate on the Somali culture and Islam. Her life is very interesting. I am very impressed by her courage to change her situation rather than accept it as her fate.

I was able to relate to a few incidents in her life. For example, the incident when all the Muslim elders get together in Holland to talk to her that she shouldn’t leave her husband. When I broke the news of my wedding to my parents, all my so-called relatives sat with me and tried to tell me that I am doomed. So, her story did strike a chord with me even though I was born in a Hindu family.

However, I feel that she went to the other extreme after her liberation. Prophet Mohammad is one of the Primordial Gurus. He cannot be blamed for all the wrong doings by the so-called Islamic people who have completely misrepresented His message. Every religion has misrepresented the message of its incarnation in some way or the other. Hence, to be a true Muslim we need to be devoted to Prophet Mohammad and not Islam. Similarly, to be a true Christian we need to be devoted to Christ and not Christianity and to be a true Hindu we need to be devoted to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadeva rather than Hinduism.

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