Things I’ve Been Silent About: Memories of a Prodigal Daughter

Things I've Been Silent AboutFor the first time, I understand the history of Iran because of the book, Things I’ve Been Silent About: Memories of a Prodigal Daughter by Azar Nafisi. She has explained the history of Iran very well by narrating her own life history. Iran’s culture is so rich and deep but it’s so sad that the fanatics have been trying to erase her heritage. They don’t realize that they can only put a veil on the rich literature of Iran for a time being. It is impossible to erase it completely.

Azar’s mother was an interesting person. It seems to me that all she needed was lots and lots of love, praise and encouragement. To me, it seems like Azar’s mother was stuck in a vicious circle of self-pity and low self-esteem. Her mother was a very intelligent person but she went through her share of tragedies. Probably that’s why she seemed like a very hard person to live with. I kind of agree with her mother’s observation that sometimes children find the parent who indulge more charming than the parent who discipline. One lesson that I hope I never forget is when Azar tell us that parents usually protect kids from strangers but not adult relatives and friends. It is usually the relative and friend we trust who harm our children.

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