How Sahaja Yoga started in Kolkatta

Shri Mataji had forecasted that Sahaja Yoga will start in Calcutta through Mr. Jalan. This is how Her vision came true.

My father knew Shri Mataji through Rajesh Shah but I am not sure how devoted he was. Then, in 1984, my father was in Bombay. We lived in Calcutta. My grandparents were supposed to leave the town for a pilgrimage but my grandfather developed bad cough and the trip was postponed. My mother informed about this to my father over the telephone. At the same time, Shri Mataji was in Bombay as well. Shri Mataji sent a message that She wanted to see my father as soon as possible. He went to see Shri Mataji. There were more people there and so he just sat down. Shri Mataji didn’t speak to him at all. In the end, She asked him how is his father. My father was dumbfounded and said that he is all right. As soon as he could leave Shri Mataji’s place, he called my mother and she gave him the unfortunate news that my grandfather had passed away. Shri Mataji had called him and given him the strength to cope with this tragic event.

After a few months, Shri Mataji had to visit Calcutta to attend the wedding of Rajesh Shah’s sister. My father invited Her to stay in our house. She couldn’t decline the offer as my father was so sad about losing his father. During that visit, I was away for a school excursion to Shantiniketan. When I came home from a school excursion to Shantiniketan, I saw H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi sitting as a guest in our home. As soon as I saw Her, my heart opened. She gave me a hug with so much love that I did not want to leave Her. I was just a kid with no idea about meditation but in my heart I just knew that She is the One! After this visit, my parents started meditating. I copied them. Result: I was a joyful and happy person with a very loving and very special MOTHER! Above all, we became Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoga was born in Calcutta.

Next year onwards Shri Mataji visited Calcutta every year until 1996. I am gratified that Shri Mataji’s visit never coincided with my exams and so, each time She came I didn’t have to pay any attention to school. Once, I thanked Shri Mataji for always coming at a very convenient time for me. She lovingly said that how can She come during my exam time because otherwise who is going to take care of Her. I’ll never forget this moment.

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