Making Butter from Cream

This week we read a story from Russia, The Determinded Frog. In this story, the frog lands in a pitcher of cream and he can’t get out as he slips each time he tries to get out. He doesn’t give up and keeps trying and keeps paddling. Because of all the paddling as he tries to get out of the pitcher of cream, the cream turns into butter and finally he is able to jump out.

After we finished reading this story, we bought some heavy cream and try to turn it into butter by shaking it in a glass jar. Kabir (4 years old), Arjun (1 year old) and I took turns. It was so much fun shaking the jar. Arjun was hilarious and he was shaking himself even when there was no jar in his hand (I held the jar with him whenever it was Arjun’s turn to shake). We kept laughing at Arjun and shaking. We succeeded. The cream turned into butter. We added some salt to the butter. Kabir is so happy with this butter that he is been having toast and butter ever since. He drank all the buttermilk too! Every Friday, Kabir makes dinner and so, tonight he has planned baked potato with the butter we made. He is so proud of this butter.

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