Spoken from the Heart by Laura Bush

Spoken from the HeartI enjoyed reading ‘Spoken from the Heart’ by Laura Bush. I have always admired her as the First Lady and so, I was really interested in her book. I found her very elegant, poised, composed and matured. This book confirmed my opinion about Mrs. Bush. It’s just amazing how much America does for the needful all over the world. It might be that other countries are as charitable but I am just impressed with generosity and charitable nature of Americans overall.

I share Mrs. Bush’s love for the books. I am convinced that first and foremost it is prayers and devotion to God and then it is education that enables us to overcome our adverse situations and makes us better-off. So, I commend her efforts towards spreading literacy and improving education wherever possible. I was born and brought up in Calcutta and we had a book fair every January. I used to look forward to that book fair so much. It was my opportunity to look at so many different kinds of books. So, I am so happy to read about Mrs. Bush’s effort to start the tradition of book fair in America. I wish we had a book fair in Tupelo. If any of the Tupeleons reading this article has the stamina, time, contacts and feels inspired to start a book fair, I’ll be honored to help. Annual book fairs are a huge step towards promoting the love for books.

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