$20 Grocery – July 2013

This afternoon, Kabir decided to serve us pressed toast (Indian style) and watermelon for lunch as a part of his $20 grocery project for the month of July. He bought 2 potatoes, 1 packet of frozen peas, 1 garlic, 1 onion, 1 loaf of white bread and watermelon. He spent $10.35 including tax. He saved $9.65. Adding to his previous balance, he has now saved $15.07.

Our lunch was delicious! Kabir worked hard as he scrubbed potatoes clean, boiled them and peeled hot potatoes. He even tried to cut potatoes and onions. He cut them in big pieces and then I chopped them smaller as much as I could. Then we made the filling of potatoes, onion, peas and garlic. Added Indian spices to the filling. Then Kabir buttered the bread, and stuffed it with the filling. Then I put it in pressed toaster and got it ready. Everything turned out delicious!!!

Pressed Toast and Watermelon
Pressed Toast and Watermelon

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