Put Me in the Zoo, I Want to be Somebody New

Last week, Arjun and I read “Put Me in the Zoo” and “I Want to be Somebody New” by Robert Lopshire. So, Kabir and Arjun had spotted lunch and breakfast on a spotted plate everyday until we left Tupelo on Thursday.

We used fruit loops to create graph. I traced Arjun’s hands and then he spotted the hands with fruit loops. Then, Arjun counted fruit loops and added the appropriate number of fruit loops to each container in the muffin tray. I got the inspiration for the fruit loop activities online.

Everyday, Arjun closed his eyes and added 3 spots on our dear Pluto!

Spotted Pluto
Spotted Pluto

I bought face paint and wanted to make spots on Arjun’s face. He refused but Kabir was very enthused about it. So, I made spots for Kabir. This inspired Arjun and he let me add about 3-4 spots on his face. Kabir added some spot stickers to his shirt too! Arjun refused.

I printed the coloring pages for “Put Me in the Zoo” and Arjun colored the spots.

Put Me in the Zoo Coloring
Put Me in the Zoo Coloring

Above all, we visited Memphis zoo where we saw the elephant and giraffe but no mouse! So overall, it was a fun week!

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