$20 Grocery – October 2013

Yesterday, Kabir decided to make egg casserole, a recipe from his favorite person, Ms. Catherine. He had enjoyed it so much when Catherine had made it for us during 4th of July celebrations that he still could taste it. So, he wanted to follow the recipe exactly. Also, he decided to make salad and for that he wanted to try his own recipe. For dessert, he served us honey dew melon and oreo cookies ‘n cream ice cream left over from last time.

The salad was really delicious and I was very impressed with him trying to make his own recipe. He made a list of ingredients before we went to Kroger. For salad, he used Italian seasoning and Greek dressing (we are studying Greece and so, our focus is on everything Greek). It turned out very delicious. The best part was how he presented the meal. He decorated the table and made it very special. When buying egg, I gave him the option of cheaper eggs or buying cage-free eggs. He did his maths and decided to go for cheaper eggs. He had a saving of $2.33. He has come a long way and this little project has helped him in different ways. We are going to try to keep it up.

Egg Casserole and Salad
Egg Casserole and Salad

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