Fox in Socks, Hop on Pop

Last week was about Dr. Seuss again. We read “Fox in Socks” and “Hop on Pop”. We did lot of rhyming each day after reading each of these books.

After reading Fox in Socks, we stacked everything we possible could.

Then we painted our socks with fabric marker and wore it.

We made paper socks: colored it, cut it and made holes with 1-hole puncher. Then Arjun laced it.

Laced paper socks
Laced paper socks

We made a brown bag fox puppet (download the fox template here) and blue goo.

After reading “Hop on Pop,” Arjun and Kabir played alphabet and number hopscotch. Also, Arjun hopped on bubble wraps.

I can see that Dr. Seuss is becoming Arjun’s favorite author and I feel very happy about it.

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