Where the Wild Things Are, The Boy Without a Name

Last week, Arjun and I read “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak and “The Boy Without a Name” by Idries Shah.

For “Where the Wild Things Are”, all four of us watched the movie. Arjun has a little Max and so, Max was mostly around us to hear the story. Both the boys made wild things with play dough. Then Arjun wanted me to print coloring pages for this book. We printed 3 coloring pages and then he colored them. Then it was his idea to staple these 3 pages and make a book. We discussed if it is a pretend story or it really happened to Max. Arjun insisted it’s a pretend story.

Then the boys made a crown and they pretended to be Max and Wild Things for about an hour or so. I had to close my eyes and get away from them to make sure of my own sanity.

Max from Where the Wild Things Are
Max from Where the Wild Things Are

For “The Boy Without a Name”, we made our own magic box. Arjun was sure that he wouldn’t like it if he didn’t have a name and also, he wasn’t in the mood to give his name to anyone. Arjun says he never has a dream. So, now he is on the lookout for a wise man so that he can get wonderful dreams too.

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