Fairy Tale – Lego Club January 2014

This month we divided the children above five into two groups with 3 kids each. Each group chose a fairy tale and made characters and setting with Legos. Then they narrated the story with their Lego creation. It was so much fun to see creativity bursting out from each group. I loved it and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The first group consisted of Daniel, Sam and Andrews. They made a Lego model of “Chicken Licken” (it’s the same story as “Chicken Little”). Sam made all the animals. He did an amazing job that impressed me immensely. Although, I wasn’t surprised as he loves animals!!!


The second group consisted of Gargi, Kabir and Archi. They created a Lego model of “Three Billy Goats”. I love the way they used different colors of Lego baseboard to create 2 different patch of green with the other side being a darker green patch and they used blue baseboard to make the river. It was absolutely ingenious!


Two toddlers worked with me individually. Himnesh created this Lego model of “The Three Little Pigs”. He made 3 houses with 3 pigs in their house and a wolf outside the house.

Arjun created this Lego model of “The Magic Porridge Pot. He put the girl and her mother and the lady who gave the magic pot. His white magic pot is in the middle and yellow porridge is coming out and drowning everyone.


Also, Daniel brought his Lego RV to show the kids. It’s very generous of him to show his creations to the kids as it really inspires them and me.

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