The Eye Book, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

Arjun and I read “The Eye Book”, and “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!” by Dr. Seuss for a week.

For “The Eye Book”, we noted the color of our eyes. As all four of us in the family have brown eyes, Arjun made a conclusion that everyone has brown eyes. So, Kabir took him around in the Tupelo Aquatic Center to show him four people with blue eyes. Now, he thinks our eyes are either brown or blue. I tried to coax him to tell me what does his eye see but his answer was always “nothing”.


For “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!”, we created a Dr. Seuss inspired character and he named him Zazzer Zizzer Zuzz. We tried to think of words rhyming with “Think”. He thought of all the words except “sink”. When I asked him what things can he think of, his answer was “nothing”! Also, we saw a video for this book on YouTube.

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