Weather – Science

We read a book about weather. Then, we made a list of things we should do in case of a Tornado as we live in Mississippi. Kabir noted down the types of cloud he saw for 3 consecutive days. Also, both the kids made a picture of sky with different kinds of weather.

The culmination to studying weather was a presentation by Mr. Bob Swanson. He was amazing.

He sang weather songs. He sang songs with all the states and their capitals in alphabetical order. He played guitar, banjo, harmonica, and accordion.

He explained how pressure works and showed us what it implies on the weather map. He did a few experiments to show us the effect of pressure.

He showed us how tornado and whirlpool is created.

He showed us different kind of thermometers, hot air weather balloon, and the weather instrument used on land.

He was just amazing! We enjoyed it a lot and learnt a lot about weather!

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