Eggs and Brine Shrimps – Science Experiment

Kabir had received “Young Scientist Series – Set 10: Seeds, Fruits, and other Plant Parts (Kit 28) – Eggs (Kit 29) – Owls (Kit 30)” for his birthday. We worked with owl pellets in October. This January, we worked with Eggs and Brine Shrimps.

At first, Amit and Kabir worked with eggs.

Then, they created the habitat for brine shrimp.

Kabir has been blowing air 3 times a day for the brine shrimps for about a month. Our brine shrimps hatched from eggs and became adults. As adults, they are so small that I couldn’t take any decent photo. We fed them yeast paste as food twice a week. Now, we have passed on our brine shrimps to his friend to enjoy!

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