The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Harold and the Purple Crayon

We have been so busy that we have been taking it really slow as far as our “1 book a week” is concerned. After reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Arjun colored Peter Rabbit and made his very own Peter Rabbit. He actually slept with his personal Peter Rabbit and broke it. Also, Arjun’s decision was that “If I were Peter Rabbit, I would pick blueberries and not go in Mr. McGregor’s garden.” I made some chamomile tea for Arjun but he didn’t drink it. We enjoyed rabbit cookie and rabbit pretzel from Simply Sweet, our local bakery.

We enjoyed milk, bread and blackberries like Peter Rabbits’ siblings. Also, both the kids made Mr. McGregor’s garden with Lego. Arjun saw a few videos for this book on YouTube.

After reading Harold and the Purple Crayon, we thoroughly enjoyed finding all purple crayons in our house. Then Arjun glued them to the paper according to their size. Then both the kids took turns melting them with a hair dryer.

Arjun made some drawings with purple crayon and then dictated his own version of Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Arjun put together Harold’s puzzle and then outlined Harold and the moon using bendaroos. He also enjoyed a few videos on YouTube.

Harold Puzzle and outlining with Bendaroos
Harold Puzzle and outlining with Bendaroos

We have thoroughly enjoyed both the books.

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