Conductor or Insulator – Science Experiment

After reading about conductors and insulators we went online to find exciting experiments to reinforce our lesson for the day.  I found the following conductor and insulator experiments online.  Our first experiment was to wrap warm water glass jars in different materials and note the amount of reduction in temperature from the water in about 20 minutes.  We warmed each glass jar filled with water in microwave for 1 minute.  Here is a visual tour of all the steps of our experiment.

We found that highest reduction in temperature (15 degree F) was from the glass jar wrapped in bubble wrap and least (0 degree F) from the one wrapped with aluminum foil.  The amount of reduction in temperature from both the glass jars wrapped in cotton cloth and plastic Ziploc bag was 5 degree F.  The amount of reduction in temperatures from the glass jar wrapped in brown paper bag was 10 degree F.

Conclusion: From all the various materials that we tried, aluminum foil will keep the food warm longer as the reduction in the temperature is the least.  So, in this case, aluminum foil is the best insulator.

Our next experiment was to note the temperature when the water starts boiling (212 F).  Then we put a steel spoon, plastic spoon and a wooden craft stick in the boiling water for about 20 min.

We noted that the steel spoon was the most hot to touch and the wooden craft stick the least.

Conclusion: Steel is the best conductor and wood is the best insulator amongst the three.  Plastic falls between steel and wood.

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