England – Study and Travel

Last week, our homeschool group met for a British Isles party.  My kids chose to study England because we will be traveling to England soon.  This time, Kabir researched and completed all the fact sheets about England, completely on his own.  He helped Arjun too!  So, I just sat back and helped only if needed.

Kabir updated his religion and population graph.  Amit helped Arjun create his first religion and population graph.

Arjun made a list of ten places he wants to visit in London.  He talked about them to his audience and then he played “God Save the Queen” on a piano.  He did excellent job of presenting.


Kabir created a documentary on William Blake (about 11 minutes long, requires flash).

For the British Isles party, everyone made such delicious food.  We made pineapple Trifle (layers of pound cake, vanilla pudding, pineapples and strawberry jello)  and Shepherd’s pie (vegetarian).  I forgot to take photos and Kabir is upset with me about it.  Both of them dressed formally for this event.  Kabir wore a suspender with his shirt and Arjun wore a bow-tie with his shirt.  I could tell that they thoroughly enjoyed being dressed so formally.  Both of them got U.K. sticker added to their pretend passport.

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