Biography Fair 2016

This month, we hosted Biography Fair.  We met at the library.  Even though we had just three families who attended the fair, we made the best of it.  Kabir chose to study the Wright Brothers and Arjun chose to study the life of Helen Keller.

In school, we studied about the Wright brothers.  Kabir was so inspired that he chose to make a movie on Wright brothers using cardboard cutouts.  He worked really hard on writing the script and then making cardboard cutouts.  He had to shoot the movie (sometimes several takes) and edit it too.  The difficult part for him was that he was given merely 4-5 days to start and complete the project.  He worked hard and almost non-stop.  He has learnt so much about iMovie with this project.  Here’s the link to the movie of The Wright Brothers (10 minutes and 46 seconds long).

Arjun chose to study the life of Helen Keller.  We visited Helen Keller’s birthplace in Tuscumbia, AL.  Since Arjun has overcome the stage fright, I wanted him to concentrate on speaking clearly.  So, we chose to use for his presentation.  He had to record several times as he noticed how he gobbles up a syllable or two from few words.  Here’s the link to the presentation of Helen Keller (about 9 minutes long).

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