Studying Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica

Unit 7, our last unit, of homeschool involves studying Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica. We studied history and geography of these regions from the book: Journey to the Eastern Hemisphere by April Lotempio.

We watched following talks of Shri Mataji:

  • Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi- Australian TV Interview
  • 1987-0503 Sahasrara Puja Talk, Thredbo, Australia
  • 1983-0321 Birthday Puja Talk: Overcoming The Six Enemies, Sydney, Australia
  • 1985-0310 Devi Puja Talk: How To Ascend Into Nirvikalpa, Sydney, Australia
  • 1990-0312 Mahalakshmi Puja Talk, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1990-0314 Thinking and How we trigger a cancer, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1990-0224 What is the Absolute Truth, Auckland, New Zealand

We read following books:

  • Red Sand Blue Sky by Cathy Applegate
  • Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry
  • The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis (Arjun wrote a story inspired by The Horse and His Boy)
  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (Arjun analyzed 5 different themes of The Hobbit; he watched the three movies too)
  • Water Sky by Jean Craighead George (Arjun wrote a poem “AgviQ” – the bowhead whale)


Australia Party

After Italy and India, we visited Australia. It was very interesting for me too as I learnt so much about Australia. After completing the fact sheets, we updated the religion and population charts. Kabir made the flag of Australia with Lego.

For Australian Art, we made a boomerang. didgeradoo and a hat representing the sails of Sydney Opera House. Kabir covered the didgeradoo with his paintings of Aboriginal symbols. Arjun made a didgeradoo too but his broke before I could take photos.

For presentation, we created a travel brochure. We bought a tri-fold display board and decorated it as shown in the photo below. Also, we made a chart of all the animals (with 2 facts for each one) that Kabir would like to see in the Australian zoo. We studied about Steve Irwin for a famous personality from Australia. We watched a few video clips of Steve Irwin on YouTube. As far as famous places from Australia, we studied Ayers Rock (Uluru), Sydney Opera House and Great Barrier Reef. We watched a couple of Austalian movies such as “Nemo” and “The Rescuers Down Under”.

Kabir read a Magic Tree House book – “Dingoes at Dinnertime”; Flat Stanley book – “The Australian Boomerang” and Magic School Bus book – “The Fishy Field Trip”. Then Kabir visited an Australian, Mr. DelGrande. He tasted Vegimite. He says he liked it but it was too salty.

Meeting Mr. DelGrande
Meeting Mr. DelGrande

Finally, we were ready for Australian party with Crabb family. Kabir and Sam did their presentations. Both are turning to be confident speakers who enjoy being on the stage! The shirt Kabir is wearing during presentation was decorated by him with Aboriginal dot art. Arjun decorated his shirt too with Aboriginal dot art.

For Australian dinner, Crabb family made roasted lamb(Kabir’s favorite), meat pie (my favorite), asparagus, and potatoes. We made desserts: Lamingtons and Anzac biscuits (the biscuits spread a bit too much but they were so yummy).

Kabir earned Australian stamp in his pretend passport and it was autographed by me this time. We are really enjoying studying different countries. I think this project is the highlight of our school year. Now, we are off to England!

If you feel upto it, you are most welcome to watch his presentation videos. We took this video before the day of Australia party because during the party, it is hard to take a video with our little one wanting to look at it at the same time.

Australia Presentation Part I

Australia Presentation Part II