Cane River

Cane RiverCane River by Lalita Tademy is an indepth look into slavery and Creole culture in Louisiana. The author chronicles four generations and enlightens the readers of the lives of slave women pre, during and post civil war. All these women were so strong, brave and above all, practical! This is also a story of mixing of races and its repercussions. Next time, I go to Louisiana these stories will come to my mind when I see the faces of locals over there. Thank you Mr. Abraham Lincoln for the “The Emancipation Proclamation”!

The prevalent human thinking of fairer skin is better than a dark one seems to be inherent in most cultures. This is a shame! I wish we could learn by now that dark is beautiful as is night. I wish we can learn that dark skin doesn’t make you inferior in any respect whatsoever. It makes me feel so happy and proud that our President is an African American! We have indeed come a long way! We don’t have slaves in India but the way some servants, untouchables and poor people were treated was no better. It’s a shame that Indians, who are mostly brown skinned, when it comes to choosing a wife, the fairer skin is always more beautiful to us. It is with a shame that I share that when my family visited America for the first time in late 1980s, I noticed that if an African American would pass us, we would clutch the handbags tightly as if the person has higher probability of being a thief just because he/she is dark skinned. I kept thinking about all these while reading this book.