American Study

November 17th, 2015

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We have been studying about America and this morning we met with a few homeschoolers to listen to our kids’ presentations and to eat traditional American food.  It was just wonderful.  Although each of the kids did a great job but my favorites were a movie about the history of Colorado using Legos by John Gannon, a brochure of Texas by Aidan, an A-Z list of symbols of Louisiana by Lou, and history of civil rights in Alabama by Emory.

Kabir and Arjun filled all the fact sheets about America on their own.  Then they started a new folder where there are going to complete fact sheets for each of the 50 states.  So far, they have completed fact sheets for California and Missouri.  This is because Arjun chose to focus on California and Kabir on Missouri.  They created a clay model of the USA.

They updated the population and religion graphs.

Arjun chose to focus on San Francisco earthquake 1906.  We adapted the script from a book, “Lizzie Newton and the San Francisco Earthquake” by Stephen Krensky.  We did Readers Theatre where his grandmother, Kabir, Arjun and I participated.  We will remember this forever in life!  Here is the link to the script, San Francisco Earthquake and here is the link to the video of San Francisco Earthquake Readers Theatre.  He created a Lego model of San Francisco and then broke to represent San Francisco after the earthquake.  As far as food is concerned we bought California Roll and California Sourdough bread from Kroger for the party.

Kabir created a Missouri newspaper dedicated to homeschoolers.  He did this mostly on his own and worked real hard.  Here is a video link of his presentation of the Missouri Newspaper dedicated to homeschoolers.  For food, we made Ozark pudding and Squash casserole for the party.  We spent last week in St. Louis, Missouri.  We had a great time as it’s a great city for kids.

A Grandfather’s Tale

November 4th, 2015

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Kabir started a project in 2013 and completed it in 2015.  He spent about half an hour with his grandfather (whenever he was living with us in America) listening to his stories.   He typed these stories and created a biography of his grandfather.  Mrs. Heather Tate helped him for the last one year editing his work and guiding his project.  Then we added the old photos and created a book at  Finally, we published it in a book.  This Saturday we had a little book release party for him with Tate family to celebrate.  It has been a really worthwhile project!  The advantages of this project has been felt and will be felt lifelong so much so that it’s very hard to put it in words.

Field Trips July – October 2015

October 24th, 2015

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Photos of our recent field trips:

Petit Jean State Farm in Arkansas


The Cotton Museum in Memphis, TN


Homeschoolers Play Date at Veterans Park. We had a park day at Ballard Park too.



Hot Air Balloon Ride at Robins Field in Tupelo.


Monthly visit to Avon Lea Assisted Living


Monthly Lego Club


Mammal Education at Shelby Farms in Memphis, TN


Science Lesson and Frog Dissection at Ballard Park

Living history pioneer day at Oren Dunn Museum in Tupelo


Wise Family Pumpkin Patch



Monthly Challenge Meet: This month the challenge was to create the tallest tower possible using spaghetti and gum drops.

Career Quest Day: We visited 7 businesses: Simply Sweet, Sherwin Williams, Main Street Family Dentistry, Alpha Insurance, The Main Attraction and Coffee Emporium, Looking Good/ FootGear, and Cardiology Associates.  To know about this you may want to read my friend, Paula’s blog.

15 - 1

Reeds Metals in Saltillo, MS



Kids Market

October 1st, 2015

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Last Saturday, the boys participated in Town Creek Festival at Nettleton.  They created the following items to sell.

Arjun created each of these greeting cards completely on his own.

Kabir painted these tiles.

Arjun painted the top 3 wooden coasters and Kabir painted the bottom 3 wooden coasters.


Last Christmas, Kabir got a kit to make beads with recycled paper. He used this kit to make these necklaces. It was supposed to be a team effort of Kabir and Arjun but Arjun abandoned Kabir as soon as he could.


They used spin arts that they create in each art class to print their favorite poems or sayings.  Amit laminated it for them.

Here is photo of the boys ready to sell.


Crafts for Few Festivals 2014-2015

October 1st, 2015


Photos of crafts made by boys to celebrate few festivals in our house.

Christmas – the nativity scene – to celebrate birth of Lord Christ.


Easter – colored hard boiled eggs, sponge cake with fruits and cream – to celebrate resurrection.


Janmashtami – jhanki (tableau) to celebrate birth of Shri Krishna.

Ganesh Chaturthi – in honor of Shri Ganesha.