Field Trips – Sept – Oct 2014

October 30th, 2014

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We have been super busy with field trips.  Here’s the list of field trips that we have attended with our homeschool groups in these last two months (sorry, I am not good at remembering to take photos and so, we don’t have that many photos but we did learn a lot):

Oren Dunn Museum – learnt about blacksmithing, history of Tupelo, Veteran’s museum and so much more.  If you live in Tupelo and have never been to this museum, I highly recommend it.  We actually celebrated Kabir’s birthday here and it was a big hit with all the kids.


Renasant Center for Ideas – it was enlightening to learn how and where small businesses can get help and also, a brief idea about how to start a business.

Philips Day-Brite Factory Tour – here we had an intense lesson on physics.  They have an amazing model of eye.  We had no idea how much is going on within the factory.


Brice’s Crossroads Visitor Center and Battlefield – we are reading American history and so, this field trip couldn’t have been at a better time.


Chickasaw Nation Education – we are reading American Indian history and so, this was just perfect to accompany our studies.  This was one of those field trips that I’ll never forget.

Wise Family Farms – sunflower maze, picking cotton, learning about different varieties of pumpkin, wagon ride and finally, picking our pumpkin.  Kabir found blue moon pumpkin and my mother-in-law made delicious pumpkin vegetable.  We are supposed to make pumpkin pie with the leftover half of blue moon pumpkin.

WTVA – tour of local TV station and listening to our weatherman, Matt Laubhan, talk about weather and his career.

In September, we tagged along with Amit to Washington DC and spent a week of intense field trips in Washington DC.  We spent a day in each of the following Smithsonian museums.

National Museum of the American Indian – we spent two days here as this was Kabir’s favorite museum.

Kids with medicine bags

Kids with medicine bags

National Museum of Air and Space – in this museum we focused on hand-on interactive programs.  There are 3 different demonstrations each day and we attended all 3 of them.  We attended 1 program in the planetarium and watched 1 iMax movie.


National Museum of Natural History – we spent the entire day here and Kabir could definitely spent another day here if we had more time.

National Zoo – this zoo is free and not too big and overwhelming.  So, we could visit the entire zoo in a day.  It was fun!

Also, we spent about 2-3 hours at Lincoln Memorial.  We did visit the White House from outside.

The White House

The White House


The Quiltmaker’s Gift, A House for Hermit Crab

October 27th, 2014

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We enjoyed reading one of my favorite books, The Quiltmaker’s Gift and each day we read the book, Arjun added a paper patch to his paper quilt.  We did try to convince him that each time he is good and kind, his grandmother will add a “good behavior patch” to his quilt and make him a real quilt.  It worked for maybe 2 patches and then he decided that he doesn’t need a quilt at all.  I was so disappointed as I really thought it to be a great idea but it didn’t work with him.  We did eat berries and honey like the bear in the book.

After this book, we enjoyed reading A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle.  Kids made crabs and then we went to PetSmart to look at the real hermit crab.  I got the idea for paper plate crab from the Internet.

We used this story to learn the names of the months and also, we tried to memorize the sequence of the story.


I downloaded the House for Hermit Crab printable and we worked with most of them.  Arjun loves working with worksheets.

Board Game – Lego Quest October 2014

October 27th, 2014

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I am behind with my posts.  Our Lego quest for the month of October was to create a board game with Legos.  Kids did great job.  The best part of this quest was when few kids stayed back for about an hour or so and played couple of board games they had created.  It made it all worth while.  It’s almost time for our November quest!

Oil exploration – Science Experiment

September 9th, 2014

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Yesterday, we read about oil exploration and so, we pretended to be one of the oil explorers.  I found the directions online:

We filled a shoebox with sand and small stones and somewhere in between, I hid a small plastic box with green colored water to represent oil.  We closed the shoebox and we taped a graph paper on it.  Marked the directions for North, South, East and West.  Then the kids started exploring for oil by digging into our pretend earth with skewers.  When they hit the spot, we used a big dropper to suck out the oil.  Kids really had fun doing this.



Comic Strip – Lego Club September 2014

September 6th, 2014

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This month’s Lego quest was inspired by one of the creations of John Gannon.  He made a comic strip for Lego fair.  Basically, he made different scenes to tell a short story.  I loved the idea so much that today we divided the kids in groups to let them create a story and use Legos to tell their story.  Everyone did amazing job.