Field Trips Nov 2014 – May 2015

April 23rd, 2015

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We haven’t been to many field trips recently however we have been extremely busy.   

Avon Lea Assisted Living – We have been twice this school year.  First time, we went for a Readers Theatre Performance of The Lorax.  Then, we went to do an entertainment program that included music, dance and magic show for the residents.


Pioneer Day at Natchez Trace Visitor Center

Tupelo Recycling Center

Learn About Electricity – Mr. Derek McGill from TVA gave almost two hour class on electricity including a hands-on demonstration.

Here is the link for the field trips we went to during September and October of this school year.

Science Experiments

April 22nd, 2015

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The months of February and March have been spent on following the experiment schedule from the following two guides: Tops Learning Systems GREEN THUMBS: Radishes #38 and Tops Learning Systems GREEN THUMBS: Corn and Beans #39.  We have not only enjoyed it but we learnt a lot.  I definitely recommend it.  I wish I had been taught this way.  Sorry, I didn’t take any photos.  I wish I had!

Also, the kids worked with Amit to prepare for PEAK Science Fair organized by Paula Cox.  Mr. Bob Swanson, Physics Instructor at ICC, was the chief guest at the PEAK Science Fair.

Arjun’s experiment was to find out which part of the hand had most germs left after washing.  We ordered Glo Germ Mini Kit for him.  Arjun had a great time doing the experiment.  I made him write instead of printing.  So, he practiced writing.  He learnt how to make graphs and learnt about scientific method.

Arjun's Experiment on Germs

Arjun’s Experiment on Germs

Kabir created a telegraph circuit.  At first Amit showed him how to do it and then he did it all by himself except when the wires needed to be stripped.  He learnt basic Morse Code and then did an experiment to find out if Morse Code is still useful in the modern world.  To do so, he compared it to modern technology – texting.

He wrote a paper – Morse Code: Is It Still Useful in Modern World.  Megan Ratts gave the idea of writing a paper.  This was just perfect for him because when he wrote it, he fell in love with his experiment all over again.  Heather Tate did the editing part.  He participated in MSEF Region 7 Science Fair – Lower Fair at Ole Miss and won the first prize for Class I (grades 1-3) in the category of physics.  We are thrilled about it.

This week, we made a periscope.  We followed the directions from the Exploratorium website and kids are having fun with this new toy now.


England – Study and Travel

April 21st, 2015

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Last week, our homeschool group met for a British Isles party.  My kids chose to study England because we will be traveling to England soon.  This time, Kabir researched and completed all the fact sheets about England, completely on his own.  He helped Arjun too!  So, I just sat back and helped only if needed.

Kabir updated his religion and population graph.  Amit helped Arjun create his first religion and population graph.

Arjun made a list of ten places he wants to visit in London.  He talked about them to his audience and then he played “God Save the Queen” on a piano.  He did excellent job of presenting.


Kabir created a documentary on William Blake (about 11 minutes long, requires flash).

For the British Isles party, everyone made such delicious food.  We made pineapple Trifle (layers of pound cake, vanilla pudding, pineapples and strawberry jello)  and Shepherd’s pie (vegetarian).  I forgot to take photos and Kabir is upset with me about it.  Both of them dressed formally for this event.  Kabir wore a suspender with his shirt and Arjun wore a bow-tie with his shirt.  I could tell that they thoroughly enjoyed being dressed so formally.  Both of them got U.K. sticker added to their pretend passport.

Kids Spring Market

April 20th, 2015

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One of our favorite event this year has been Kids Spring Market on March 28, organized by one of the homeschool moms, Paula Cox.  My kids had a blast and learnt a lot.  Here are the photos of the products they created to sell. 

Every art class my kids get to create a spin art and so, we have so many accumulated over time.  We used them to print our favorite poems and sell those.

My father-in-law whittles and so, we had about six of his creations at home.  I gave three of them to each of the kids.  They painted them and then wrote a story to go with each of the whittling item.  They sold these too!

Kabir created a flyer of this event.  He created following two designs.

My kids loved every moment of creating products and selling them!!!  They learnt to handle money, to value handmade items, and to be creative.  They learnt customer service.  There were so many lessons that they learnt by participating in this project.  It was so worth it!  Here’s an article about this event in our local newspaper, Daily Journal.


Metamorphosis – Lego Quest March 2015

March 13th, 2015

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Today’s Lego quest was Metamorphosis in action with Legos.  The kids had to show stages of metamorphosis with Legos.  This quest was inspired by the website for Lego Quest.   

Here is what the kids made: